Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bar Review #1

Anyone who knows more than my first name knows that I'm a very healthy eater. I've been trying to get more nutrients into my diet lately, and have started to incorporate more snacks into my schedule. In the name of convenience, I end up eating a lot of quick things like health bars. So I've decide to start featuring health bar reviews as a regular part of my blog entries, which may also help me to post a little more regularly as well!

My main criteria in a bar is that it is healthy (of course) and provides a good balance of fiber and protein for satiety since that's the main point of a snack--to keep you full. There are millions of bars out there, but my additional complicating factor is that the bars I eat must be soy free. I am pretty sensitive to soy products, and unfortunately, soy proteins are found in the majority of bars.

While I am pretty picky about the way my food is prepared, I will eat/try almost anything that is good for you and not too fatty, so I end up making some fairly adventurous choices sometimes. I'll take the tasting risk here so you don't have to--you can just buy the good stuff!

I hope you enjoy this first bar review :) P.S. Steph, if you end up reading this, try not to gag!

Re Bar
Surprisingly tart with mainly dried fruit-ish flavors--not the 17 or so vegetables listed on the back. Soft, with a good bite quality. This bar is 100%ORGANIC, gluten-free, dairy free, GMO free, and most importantly, soy free! I usually try to select bars with a little fat in them since I don't get it from many other sources, and helps to hold me over for a little longer, so we'll see how this one does in terms of longevity between my snack now (11:20) and lunch (who knows??*) This bar has 6 g fiber, but only 2 g protein. I also liked that this bar tastes pretty sweet, but has no added sugar, not even the "healthy" ones they try to sneak in there all the time like brown rice syrup or cane juice. The only drawback was a slightly bitter aftertaste, but that went away as soon as I brushed my teeth. Overall, I liked this bar quite a bit and would probably purchase it again.

*I ended up eating lunch a little before 3:00, and I was starving by then, but I didn't get a hunger rumble til about 2, so not that bad there!


Mary Lynn said...

Looks yummy!

Danielle said...

Fancy. Maybe a trip to Whole Foods is in order this week.

DandE said...

A trip to Whole Foods is always in order!

The Pendletons said...

Thanks for the shout out. One word: NASTY!