Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stop Trying To Kill Me

I'm up in Rock Springs for work this week, so I'm staying with my parents, and I think they're trying to kill me with cheese, cake and 2 percent milk. The lighter side, guys, the lighter side.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 New Things

I try not to be a party-pooper, but I’m not exactly adventurous. I honestly think I have some type of OCD that requires me to perform the same routine in order to function properly. So when I say I tried 4 new things last weekend, it’s a BIG DEAL. I’m proud of myself, so I’m sharing:
  • I went to Raging Waters and went down a couple of the water slides (normally, I wouldn’t attempt this sort of thing—too dangerous, plus the risk of getting my hair wet).
  • Dustin and I tried a new restaurant and a new type of food—Thai. We usually go to the same places where I know I can get a yummy salad, so it panics me to go somewhere new, but I was able to order my favorite thing—vegetables—so it was ok J
  • I finally got to play a Wii!! I love it so much, and I’m kind of glad we don’t have one because I would seriously be addicted! We went over to my sister’s house to play and I totally kicked ass at the boxing game. It was a really good workout—my arms were sore the next day!
  • I made a tuna noodle casserole on Sunday. I know probably everyone in America has eaten this before, but I think the idea of it grossed my mom out, so we never had it growing up. I made kind of a gourmet version out of Better Homes and Gardens with whole wheat pasta, lemon and dill. Very good!

    Cheers and applause for not being a stick-in-the-mud. (Clap, clap)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tag: Things as they really are

This is a tag from my friend Amanda. I guess it’s kind of like a game, or one of those emails that gets forwarded, only you blog it instead. I usually think this kind of thing is a little silly, but this one sounded fun. The object of this “tag” is to show people the way you really live and/or make you feel better about the condition of your own home/life. Since I like both my home and life, I’m happy to show it off for you. Here are the rules: take pictures of the following things just as they are without stopping to clean, straighten, or to wipe a child's nose: the kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kids.

Since I did this without the rules in front of me, I missed a couple things, but here you go anyway:

The Kitchen Sink: As you can see, there are only two dishes--ice cream dishes. We have dessert pretty much every single night after we clean up from dinner. Yum.
The fridge:
The toilet: This is MY bathroom. I didn't take any pictures of Dustin's--no one wants to see that.
The closet: Again this is MY closet, and only half of it because the whole thing wouldn't fit in the frame. Dustin gets his own closet (which is usually half full of my stuff, too--and camping gear :)
The laundry room: This one is funny. We don't actually have a washer and dryer, but we just have the hookups in a little closet thing so I made it into a pantry that we use for food storage. And also a place for Dustin's mountain bike, which isn't in the picture. If you need a can of tomatoes or cream of mushroom soup, you know where to come!
Since I don't have any kids, I took a picture of my husband instead. He was busy studying for a test. He's so cute.
I forgot about the favorite shoes and favorite room, but we can just go ahead and say that the fridge is my favorite room. I spend a lot of time in there! As far as shoes go, my favorites are probably my gym shoes since I use them almost every day, but they are kind of ratty so you can probably forego a picture. There you have it--my life on a Monday night! I'm "tagging" anyone else who reads my blog (all two of you!), so Steph, I better at least see this on yours!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We Heart Hiking

We finally got to go hiking this weekend—our first time this summer! Hiking is one thing that Dustin and I really love to do together, and one of our favorite places to go is up at Brighton Ski Resort. It’s amazing how different it looks when it’s not all covered in snow! This hike is Lake Mary to Catherine Pass, in case anyone wants to try it. It’s a little steep, but very, very beautiful and a good team building experience with your spouse when you both forget where the trail is supposed to be because it’s still covered in snow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Old

I look old today. Really, it’s so sad because I’m only 24. Plus with the braces, I usually look about 12. But today I think it’s more like 112. Worse than Courtney Love--totally haggard. Ew. Feel free to extend your sympathies for my early aging.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cowboy Up

This weekend, we went up to good ol’ Wyoming to hang out with my mom and dad. It was a super good time and very chill. It’s a much slower pace of life than we’re used to, but I guess that’s the fun in it. We had a lot of good food (my dad makes the best breakfasts!), took a lot of walks and spent a lot of time just talking and sitting on the back porch—that’s just how we roll in Rock Springs.

We also got to go shoot some guns and be all cowboy. I know it’s probably funny to see me holding a gun, but I’m really not that bad! I can actually aim a little bit and I WILL shoot your ass if you’re breaking into my house, so don’t mess. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eat This

Guess what this is?

It’s a pickled turnip! Dustin, my sister and my sister’s friend Jess, went to an absolutely amazing Mediterranean restaurant called CafĂ© Med a little while ago, and this little guy arrived on top of my salad. I’ve been accused of being a picky eater, but I’m actually pretty adventurous, as long as the food isn’t fatty, fried, covered in cheese or otherwise fat-panic inducing. Plus I love pickles, and who eats turnips these days? It actually tasted a lot like horseradish—not too bad.
Also--Jess, you are very delightful and permanently always invited!