Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mt. Olympus

Last Saturday, Dustin and I hiked Mt. Olympus. I didn’t really want to go, and Dustin really had to talk me into it because I’m lazy and would rather go to the gym than hike up a humongous mountain. It turned out to be really awesome even though it took about 5 and ½ hours total (which included me waiting impatiently on the way up and falling into a tree on the way down). I have to admit I felt pretty bad-A after scaling all these rocks to get to the tippy top.
P.S. Don’t look at my hair—it’s not poufy in these pics


Anonymous said...

Well, its not as poofy as usual - but it was super poofy in gun-toting, WY pics, which totally makes up for it.
P.S. I'm totally impressed with the hike - I could never make it to the top!

Manda said...

I meant to comment on this before. I'm proud of you guys for doing this. Drew skipped class the other day (soon after Labor Day, I think) and hiked Mt. Olympus by himself. He loved it. Some time I will do it; I really want to see the view.