Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, we’ve finally decided to do it—Dustin and I are starting our very own little blog! I was inspired by (ok, copying) my friends Steph and Rachel who have their own darling blogs, but we decided to begin a family page for many reasons. This is for my family on the East Coast who I miss dearly and don’t see very often. It’s for our moms so they can see all our vacation pics and feel proud of their technologically savvy children. It’s for our friends as a good way to keep connected through all our busy lives. And lastly, it’s for me—so that I have a hobby, a showcase and a record of all the good in my life.

For everyone wondering how we came up with the blog title—we contemplated and joked about and made up all kinds of names. The silly: She Cooks, He Eats, Big Hair and Big Head, Chips and Oatmeal (our favorite foods), the cheesy: Wonderful World of Wallis, and the boring: The Wallis Family. After all that, we finally settled for something plain and only mildly clever. The name of the blog is "Just Dandē,” which stands for our initials, just D and E.

I’m excited to keep you all updated on the happenings in our life, and look forward to hearing from you. So leave a comment or just say hi, and for all those who wonder how we’re doing, the name says it all. We’re fine…and just dandē!


hersheyqueen said...

Thanks for sharing your life with me. I think you did an awesome job and I love your blog name.
I wish we had 4 Emily's at my new office.
Love, Ellen

RachelBarker said...

I'm so excited to joined the Blogging world! Can't wait to see all the fun in your life. Miss you

Chris said...

Very Nice!!!! Talk to you soon...


Danielle said...

Hi. HAHA. This is going to be awesome. We can all have blogs and be friends.