Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Weekend

I always take pictures of the things that we do throughout the week and on our weekends with the intention of putting them up on the blog ASAP. Obviously that usually doesn't work out because I get all busy at work and have to be an adult and not play on the computer.

These pics are from last weekend at the youth conference I helped plan. We went up to Snowbird to stay the night, have a very yummy breakfast the next morning, and do all the little summer activities they have up there the next day. It was tons of fun and everyone seemed to like it, so congratulations to me for being a good planner. Here are the highlights:

This is my Bishop. He's pretty rad and you can see why they must have chosen him to be in charge of such a young ward :)

This is a fun game--see if you can tell the difference between the YW and the YW leaders... breakfast

And here's the hub. We ended up with some extra tickets, so he and another spouse came up to join us on Saturday. I was super glad he came, and even more glad the he got to ride the mechanical bull.

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