Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things

I got tagged a billion times to do this on Facebook, and a couple times on other blogs as well, so here you go. It should be fascinating. Just kidding :)
I thought it would be kind of difficult to think of 25 things about myself, but it turns out it was pretty easy since I'm so idiosyncratic.

1) I use a really excessive amount of hairspray. It is my favorite beauty product.
2) I love to travel and have been to 40 out of the 50 states and visited 4 foreign counties. My favorite vacay spots are San Diego and Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. My mom and dad took us on road trips every summer and spring break that I can remember and we always visited my family in Pennsylvania and Maine and lots of other cool places like New York City and Washington D.C.
3) There are a lot of foods that I don’t eat or won’t eat, but very few that I actually dislike. Two of those foods: Mayonnaise and shredded coconut. Sick. Oddly enough, I enjoy the smell of coconut and coconut flavoring, but shredded coconut makes me want to gag. I also hate hot chocolate. Seriously, what a waste of chocolate.
4) I love to go grocery shopping. I used to go every Sunday with my dad and now I go every Friday by myself, but I still love to do it!
5) I don’t like ice in anything. Room temperature, please.
6) I am obsessed with magazines. I subscribe to at least 6 at all times so that I always have one to read. One of my favorite lazy day activities is to go to Barnes and Noble and just browse the magazine aisle. (My mom thinks this is an illegal activity like shoplifting or something, but I swear it’s not! Everyone does it!)
7) I love to pluck my eyebrows. Like a lot. I have to limit myself!
8) I generally assume people don’t like me and am always kind of amazed to learn otherwise.
9) I have a childish fascination with the color pink. I am 25 years old and would still love to have a pink bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. You could get me anything that was pink and I’d flip out over it. I have tons of pink clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils and lots of other miscellaneous items. A woman in my yoga class said she recognized me solely by the fact that everything I had was pink (water bottle, shirt, shoes, mat, bag).
10) I get “stuck” in the shower a lot. My husband has to come get me or I would literally stay in there all day. I just like that it’s warm and quiet and I can think in there.
11) This will shock anyone who knows me now: I used to eat chunks of plain butter as a kid. I also used to eat saltine cracker and butter sandwiches, a trick I learned from my Grandpa.
12) Until I went to college, I had never eaten Ramen noodles, Pop Tarts, Taco Bell or macaroni and cheese from a box. I thank my roommate Janay for all these additions to my diet. Incidentally, I don’t think I have actually eaten any of these foods since I graduated.
13) Most times, I really don’t mind being by myself.
14) My biggest academic achievement is the thesis that I wrote for my Gender Studies minor my senior year of college. I logged a whole semester’s worth of comparison research to create an 80 + page paper on the portrayal of women and negative imagery in magazine advertisements. My second biggest academic achievement would be graduating high school. A true feat considering that I probably did not attend a full day of school my entire senior year…or maybe my junior year either.
15) I vastly prefer to watch movies at home instead of in a theater. I get too bored and annoyed sitting in a cramped little chair for two hours surrounded by people I don’t know who eat their popcorn way too loud.
16) My dream job is to run a bakery. Not own, because that would be too much pressure, but I would truly enjoy waking up extra early and spending my morning baking bread and frosting cupcakes.
17) I really, truly, actually like vegetables. Ok I LOVE them. Broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers—yummy! I usually prefer to eat all my food in salad form. Just put a scoop of stir-fry over some steamed veggies and I’m set. Leave the tortillas; I’ll just take the fajita mix. Who needs a turkey sandwich when you can have a turkey salad? It’s strange, I know.
18) I absolutely must wear sunglasses during the day (and sometimes at night) if there is even the tiniest speck of sunlight or I will be blinded. I prefer the ginormous bug eye ones—the bigger the better. Plus it’s good for staring at people.
19) My family members and my husband are my best friends.
20) I am the only person I know who has broken their nose by falling on their face.
21) I really like sour stuff. I used to eat whole lemons when I was little (yes, in addition to the butter—what a weird kid!). I love pickles or anything that is pickled and vinegar is my favorite condiment.
22) My earliest memory is of me sitting in a high chair smearing bananas in my hair and then throwing them on the floor. Brat!
23) I need to have dessert every single day.
24) I am super good at old school Nintendo games. I will kick anyone’s ass at Super Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong.
25) My greatest goal is to be a mom.

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DigandStacee said...

Bring it on Barbie doll! I will kick you around town at donkey kong! Pick me up in the Feller Mobile and we will find out!