Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tag: Things as they really are

This is a tag from my friend Amanda. I guess it’s kind of like a game, or one of those emails that gets forwarded, only you blog it instead. I usually think this kind of thing is a little silly, but this one sounded fun. The object of this “tag” is to show people the way you really live and/or make you feel better about the condition of your own home/life. Since I like both my home and life, I’m happy to show it off for you. Here are the rules: take pictures of the following things just as they are without stopping to clean, straighten, or to wipe a child's nose: the kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kids.

Since I did this without the rules in front of me, I missed a couple things, but here you go anyway:

The Kitchen Sink: As you can see, there are only two dishes--ice cream dishes. We have dessert pretty much every single night after we clean up from dinner. Yum.
The fridge:
The toilet: This is MY bathroom. I didn't take any pictures of Dustin's--no one wants to see that.
The closet: Again this is MY closet, and only half of it because the whole thing wouldn't fit in the frame. Dustin gets his own closet (which is usually half full of my stuff, too--and camping gear :)
The laundry room: This one is funny. We don't actually have a washer and dryer, but we just have the hookups in a little closet thing so I made it into a pantry that we use for food storage. And also a place for Dustin's mountain bike, which isn't in the picture. If you need a can of tomatoes or cream of mushroom soup, you know where to come!
Since I don't have any kids, I took a picture of my husband instead. He was busy studying for a test. He's so cute.
I forgot about the favorite shoes and favorite room, but we can just go ahead and say that the fridge is my favorite room. I spend a lot of time in there! As far as shoes go, my favorites are probably my gym shoes since I use them almost every day, but they are kind of ratty so you can probably forego a picture. There you have it--my life on a Monday night! I'm "tagging" anyone else who reads my blog (all two of you!), so Steph, I better at least see this on yours!


The Pendletons said...

You sucker... Stay tuned

Danielle said...

Haha. I think you may have 3 readers. You could pay people to read your blog like I do. haha.